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The Vesper ¾ Bibtight Tempest pad is developed to enjoy your rides when the cooler days arrive.  It is female specific, which means the cut and the pad are specifically designed to meet the needs of female riders. The bibtight is made of our Tempest fabric to both protect against the cold temperature, but still have a pleasant feeling during the ride due to the breathable capacity of the Tempest fabric.


This will allow you to maintain a constant body temperature. Being a ¾ bibtight, your knees will also be protected against the colder temperatures.


The newly designed bibs provide additional support in a riding position.


The Vapor pad is part of our newest generation of pads, and it’s a big step forward in terms of breathability and damping. Main research question during development was: how can we improve the damping needed to cope with the stiffness of carbon bikes without adding more material to the pad? The result: Vapor Technology.


The pad materials consist of a friction reducing, breathable top layer. 2 middle layers provide breathability and moisture transport. The main lay